Wednesday 3 January 2018

New Year and old projects

 So our running day came and went and was by far our busiest yet, which is great news. We worked tirelessly to get the Jersey TD1 out but sadly despite the engine having been returned we built it all back up to then find it was filling with water... Cameras were sent down, a clear plastic head gasket was fitted all so we could see where the water was leaking in from. Eventually however we had to admit defeat. The engine was taken back out, disassembled, repacked up and returned to engine re-conditioners for a pressure test.Other races against the clock though were more successful...

 ... As previously asked 'what was the door in question from' well here is the answer with door missing... This shot was taken about three weeks before running day, so as you can imagine the discovery of significant rot in this area was a concern. However, it was all repaired, paneled up and painted in time to take part.

 So here's a few of the finished item. An ex Ribble, Burlingham Seagull bodied Tiger Cub. The door isn't still missing it just open inwards!

 The interior is in an usual table and chair lay out which we have kept for now but would ideally like to return to coach standard but ideally need to ind a full set of period seats to do the job justice.

 So with the rush of finishing out of the way we can return to longer term projects. The ex St Helens RT has been the main benefactor of that.  In the first image we can see the front near side upstairs floor around the blind box has been eaten away and is rotten to the core.

 It wasn't just the front that was bad as the channels along both sides were rotten and the metal underlay had oxidised and rotted away so decision had to be that a new floor would be required, so the next job was to strip back the floor. With the front framing finished and the rear nearly complete when the floor boards start going down it will be the low tide point on this project and from there-on-in it will be going back together. We hope now to be painting around Easter and have it finished for the summer, but of course that always depends on what other jobs need doing that take priority.

With the floor up a slightly unusual image taken from the platform of a skeletal RT.
Other jobs that have been done this past few months include the RTW getting a new engine and being declared fit, The Cub getting its first road test, The Southend Daimler has a new thermostat and has had the radiator sent away for re-coring to hopefully solve its regular overheating issues. The Leeds PD has needed an alternator change as it idles to low for the current one to cut in properly, this has required a full redesign of brackets and placing and is hopefully shortly to be completed.

Good opportunity finally to wish everyone a very happy new year and hope 2018 is a good one.

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