Thursday 23 July 2015

Summertime Blues

 Its kind of been one of those months for the vintage fleet with two steps back every time there is one forwards. The long running engine defect on DUF stopped it making the Southdown 100 event. A full strip down (again) of the top end solved one minor issue but alas the more serious knock from the bottom end turned out to be a poor fitting shell that is now worn on one side. So back to the reconditioners who have agreed to put it right. Hopefully by the tail end of next week we will have the newly reconditioned parts back and can put it back together and try once again...

 So with DUF off the road and work once again halted on the Daimler, this time due to the needs of single door converting buses for the new school term, we decided to turn our attention to the Jersey TD2. Having taken off the fuel tank, cleaned it and refitted it we were all set. After a few hours work it was up and running and sounding very sweet. Sadly as the engine warmed up it became apparent that block has a severe crack as water started pouring out. It would appear that at some point in the distant past it has got frozen with no anti-freeze and split it. The crack is hard against the cab bulkhead and hard to see but as can be seen was quickly apparent once water pressure started to build up. Who said running and restoring buses was easy...

 Once success though was the completion of ex Southend Transport Astromega. Not looking its 35 years of age, it was involved in the enhancement of bus routes during the last tube strike and was operating on route 25 between Holborn and Stratford. Seen in this image heading towards Holborn with a healthy load on taken by Russell Young. For the sharp eyed amongst you, RT1431 is also in picture behind the Wrights service bus and is also on the 25's.

RM1843 is another that has now bedded in to life as a working vehicle. Looking resplendent it has been plying its trade on private hire work as seen in this picture by Paul Almeroth it has also had a foray onto the 15's and 25's over the period of the last tube strike. Of course though this month nothing has been easy and 1843 required a new power steering pump, 2588 new seals, 2405 replacement ECU for the gearbox and 882 has recently had a reconditioned engine put in, apart from that its been plain sailing. Lets hope next month is a better one to report on!

Cheers for now