Friday 12 June 2015

Back on restorations!!

Well finally after a bit of a gap we are back on restorations! The gap was caused by the overload of commercial work that hit us in the winter, a large chunk of which was open top conversions. But as the sun shines and those vehicles go out to earn their money for their new owners we are able to turn the regular restoration team back onto bringing the past back to life. So first up is an image of the complete RM1843 which debuted way back at our running day in December but I don't think the finished item graced these pages, so here she is in February going out on her first commercial job since restoration. Recovered from Missouri USA in a dilapidated state a near two year restoration has provided a superb example of a Leyland engine'ed RM back on the road. She still wears her old Missouri plate on the back as a reminder of her years overseas...

 But as one finishes another major continues... The utility Damiler, that was new to London Transport in 1944 before post war being rebodied by Massey's for Southend Transport continues to progress. Sadly the cab was in a really poor state and has needed reframing as have areas around the fuel tank.

 With the side framing coming on well the panels will shortly be refitted and prepared for painting. The nearside appears to be in far better shape and does not require the same level of work.

 The cab and blind box area, however require significant work and this is the area being tackled now. Hopefully no more really nasty surprises are going to literally come out of the woodwork and that even with the extended 'winter break' this years running day is a realistic target to return the Daimler to the road.

 Poor old DUF had a poorly engine some six moths ago. It has been fully reconditioned and went back in last month. A supreme effort was made to get her to Southsea for the Southdown 100 event but sadly it was not to be. The timing chain is worn and appears to be slipping, so a new one will probably need to be made unless anyone knows where an original might be?

'The joys of running old buses' as the saying goes in these parts...

OK more next month now we are back!