Wednesday 15 June 2011

June Update

The old and the new. ER882 is one of the early batch of RML's of which there were 24 of, she was the third one. The first three were originally given the ER designation rather than RML, but this was soon changed. They are interesting vehicles as they carry many of the early RM body features on an RML, for PH duties its a great vehicle as the capacity is higher than an RM, it has a Cummins engine but yet still enjoys many of the earlier looking features. Its always a popular vehicle and is this year celebrating its, and the RML's 50th birthday.

Its been a busy period for private hires and many of the buses have been out and about a lot, being the height of the wedding and open top season. Derby Day saw all manner of vehicles head off to Epsom including our own RM371 amongst others. Somebody mentioned 371 is the lowest numbered open top RM, I cannot believe thats right but perhaps someone out there knows better either way? We have also taken to moving many of the front line operational vintage fleet to the barn opposite where they were kept, this is due to there being less dust in that area as no body work is carried out there and thus it assists in keeping the PH fleet far cleaner.

But worrying about dust is not really an issue when it comes to the next major project which is at early stage restoration... T499 has now completed strip down and the tide has turned so to speak and bits start going back together like a giant jig saw! The chassis has been sand blasted and painted, the gearbox is going back in, the engine has gone away for reconditioning and the front bulkhead is going back on about now. We have made some interesting discoveries on the strip down but more about them next month once I have some photos to accompany my ramblings...

Vehicles here continually run through various maintenance procedures and M1 is nearing return to the road, RMC1485 has just been retested and RT624 will shortly have its engine reconditioned as it developed a bad oil leak early last year. We are also now owkring on a new Ensign Vintage Hire website and vehicle history section and are on the look out for any really good shots of any of the fleet out and about, so please if you do have any feel free to send them in!!

Cheers for now