Friday 18 October 2013

The race is on...

So we edge closer to trying to get six vehicles ready for our running day and just a quick update to day to show the progress. First up are the last couple of images I will now show of DUF before roll out as I don't want to ruin the surprise for those attending in December.

She left today for repaint so will now be gone for approx three weeks before returning to us for finishing touches and COIF. Of the six we are looking at this is number 'two' in terms of getting ready so am now pretty confident that avoiding any disasters she will be ready.

Meanwhile what I would class as number 4 in line to be ready the 10T10 is taking shape now quite rapidly. This months progress has seen the rear end come together as well as much of the electrics going in, no doubt that it is still some way behind DUF so whilst numbers 1 & 2 looking good, 4,5 & 6 are clearly far tighter.

The interior is stunning and has the distinct LT flavour to it with the added features that Green Line services demanded. Again probably be my last picture of the interior as the seats are slowly now going in and really do finish it off superbly.

Like I said earlier, only a brief up date today as I will do a few smaller and more regular updates here as a few projects near completion. Whilst some of our 'new' vehicles will be known to you, other perhaps won't and I know a lot of people don't want to know and like to see the finished item, and indeed we kind of enjoy the whole 'surprise bus' thing and have got pretty good at it.

So as a half measure to satisfy everyone, the current status is:
Bus 1 is certified and freshly painted, just needing minor detailing.
Bus 2 DUF away being painted
Bus 3 Largely ready but unable to be COIF'ed until DVLA sort out new log book....
Bus 4 The 10T10, furious work being undertaken to get it set
Bus 5 With the departure of DUF we move onto this and hopefully can make it
Bus 6 Not with us and being worked on, we hope timescales will be met.

That's it for now