Monday 27 March 2017

Season starts

 So with the busiest season about to start and be upon us, jobs small and large are being finished to the front line fleet to ensure they are ready. RMLs are always favourites due to their capacity so winter time was the time to take on a major job on 2588. To treat some rot under the floor the ent5ire B frame needed to be dropped out. This done it became apparent the job was larger than we thought as the rot was not just on the floor but a torsion bar just above. This had in the mists of time had a temporary fix which had not been good and allowed water to corrode it more easily. The bar was removed and a new one is now being made before the B frame will go back in.
 Thought I would add a snails eye view looking from below, through the removed area of rot and into the lower saloon.
 As always a major project is on the go and taking shape....
 The reframing is going at a pace now as these images show with just a week or two between them. The lower deck has now been largely done, the braces are no longer required and attention is turning to the upper deck on the offside.
 Meanwhile the nearside is taking shape and the lower saloon floor is now all in. New steelwork has been made where it was rotted through and ever so slowly the vehicle is starting to get some rigidity back and the risk of collapse has passed. Thus one more saved from oblivion albeit some way yet from gracing the roads again.
April is a busy month for our hires particularly with a lot of film work, so some buses being dressed for all kinds of periods. I will see photo opps present themselves on the forthcoming month!