Thursday 6 June 2013

May Update

Well for reasons best known to people clever than I, I have been unable to log on for a while but all issues now resolved so time to catch up a little...

Lets start with the 10T10...

Very late May saw her run up for the first time. She sounded great but required a few leaks solved, these were done and the next longer run up saw the start of the search for gears. None were forthcoming but the problem was diagnosed.... So third time lucky saw her run up, and then drive! No cab seat meant it was a bit of 'dance' and no second gear to start with gave us cause for concern but Jason, one of the resident vintage genuises, tweaked the settings and second was there. So a quick run up through the gears up and down was enough for 'day one' and she was returned to the shed, where a few other leaks can be dealt with and work now started in earnest on the braking system. This will be a stunner when its finished....

Staying with single deck, green half cabs, the Southdown TS7 continues its progress...

As can be seen she is back on her 'feet', the brakes are done, all the winding windows are back in and the interior has started to be put back. Next the radiator and front end will be finished so we can start testing some of the systems and get her ready for a proper road test prior to painting. There is not going to be a huge difference in finishing time for these two classics.

Meanwhile the Cub continues to have finishing touches completed and small issues ironed out that being out and about have highlighted. Something we have long wanted to do is reinstate the air-powered door that these had, which was something that we could not get set up quite right so it has until now been manual. However, we now have the motor in place and its balanced well and operating as it should, even utilising the original switch on the dashboard. It now needs 'boxing' up and this last 'big job' is done and the Cub becomes ever more complete.

In amongst these jobs of course all the routine maintenance and MOT's still go on, such as a new test on our latest open top 2203 which joined the fleet in time for Derby Day and was featured being worked on a few months ago. More however on that later...

Cheers for now


Cub goes back to work!

Leyland Cub C4

For the first time since the early 1950's, Leyland Cub C4 was on revenue-earning duty in London this time at the Chelsea Flower Show in May.

Show sponsors, M&G Investments, were looking for something eye-catching as a principal attraction for the show and they chose C4 to meet that need.

The bus windows were vinyl-wrapped with M&G publicity and the bus was to be seen around the show throughout the week.

On the first day, C4 was inside the grounds of the Royal Hospital for Press Day and really did cause a stir. Many visitors were impressed with the vehicle and expressed their delight at seeing her. Many others came aboard to admire the quality of restoration and some to reminisce. One gentleman recalled travelling to school on a Cub. His mother took him to school at the age of 5 for the first day and from then onwards, he was expected to manage the journey on his own! As C4 operated in the southern Country Area of London Transport, there is a strong possibility that he actually travelled on our bus. He alighted completely entranced and its events such as these that always remind us that personal stories are one of the reasons the vehicles are so special.

For the remainder of the week, C4 made occasional journeys into the City of London to provide transport for M&G staff and then spent most of the remaining time travelling around the Sloane Square area providing mobile publicity for the show or parked up near the Royal Hospital to allow the public to admire the vehicle. 

 So many appreciative comments were passed that it was impossible to keep count and at one point she was rather closely 'guarded'!

 Whilst the interior was seen as being hypnotic...