Friday 7 December 2012

Busy Time

… But less so on the vintage bus restorations and more on the operations with the Olympics in town and the work that has created. But what a wonderful time to have been British, great show put on by everyone, from the atheletes to the organisers, great effort.

Not as fast across 100m as the competitors but nevertheless certainly with more longevity three of our Routemasters were in service everyday with Bosco, who make the kits for a number of the competing nations and rebranded the buses into the national kit of Spain, Ukraine and Russia. They were used for all kinds of publicity for the teams and sponsors and traveled all across London for the past fortnight.
Meanwhile back here at PT we started on the cab of the TS7 before having to cease work on it for a few weeks due to the demand for regular sales buses that require single dooring before the new school term starts. The cab however as can be seen has over the years been rather bodged! Bits of a chair, pallets and all kinds of assorted wood have been nailed, whacked, pushed and squeezed into every available space to try and stop the sagging… 
However the 10T10 moves on… and these shots taken some four weeks back now, show the end of the reframing with the rear end and emergency door now in place. Since these photos have been taken a lot of the interior has started to go in and following a lot of research into how these looked when new and a lot of hunting for someone who can make it the way we wanted it to look, some lovely features have beeen going in these past few weeks…

The cab is the last section that needs completing in terms of framing and then with the wheels going back on, she will be allowed to stand on her ‘feet again. We still actively target July next year for her, hopefully thats an achievable date.
Cheers for now

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