Tuesday 9 September 2014

August-Sept Update

No its not my new garden shed, but is in fact the framing for the rear end and platform area of the rebodied Massey utility Damiler. Behind on the bench can be seen the emergency exit area being restored as this had suffered badly from rot and was about to fall apart. Below shows how its all fitted together giving the bus its shape and rear end back!

The next part will be laying the platform floorboards to give the guys an easy place to stand and work from before then tackling the inner panels and staircase. Whilst the rear end of this vehicle was in a poor state working forwards it gets better and a complete reframing is unnecessary, which makes a pleasant change from some of our recent projects. Possible for the December running day...? Who knows, that will largely depend on what else we find from here on but that is certainly our target at present...

Its not always major work, we also have to maintain and improve the current fleet which does take up an enormous amount of time and effort. RM371 lost its front destination gear when working as a sightseeing bus in Edinburgh and initially we were not sure if an open top RM would prove popular in our fleet so didn't reinstate it immediately. Ever since we have regretted that decision but it's always been to busy to pull in and get it done so has suffered on looking a little 'heavy' and ugly with a blank red panel on the front. A few weeks ago we reinstated all the mechanisms behind the panel and having a short gap between jobs last week we managed to get the front panel in, glazed and blinds fitted, which now makes the vehicle look far nicer.

Behind is RT1431 having some TLC on various bits, such as the cab seat and interior fittings. I hope she will also go for repaint as a troll through the records shows it was nearly 10 years ago she was last repainted. This is well over our normal timescale but as she looked well its been 'missed' by us but we will rectify that shortly now as the busiest part of the year for hires just starts to slip behind us.


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  1. Very glad the rare Southend Massey AEC found her way to you Steve - always sad to see her stored outside before - with her history I always thought she should be with Ensigns.